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Nike Phantom Venom Pro: the perfect boots for forwards

With aspects of power and precision combined into one, the new Nike Phantom Venom Pro cleats are perfect for finishers – as JPF can attest to

With aspects of power and precision combined into one, the new Nike Phantom Venom Pro cleats are perfect for finishers – as JPF can attest to… 


What beats the feeling of scoring a goal in the game of football? The new Nike Phantom Venom Pro boots can certainly aid your quest to hit the net more often, regardless whether you are a professional or amateur player. 


JPF had the opportunity to try out these brand new cleats during a casual futsal session a week ago and only have good things to say about it. 


Sleek and aggressive-looking, the Nike Phantom Venom Pro is surely aesthetically pleasing to modern football players. With striking elements which is not dissimilar to the old T90 series and a bladed soleplate, it is the perfect boots for players who love to take good shots. 



Constructed using NikeSkin and K-Lite, the texture of the boots feels pretty thin and seems to be designed for an almost barefoot sensation. 


One thing to note is that while K-Lite is not 100% leather, it is as close as a synthetic which is available in the market right now. The K-Lite makes up the upper part of the boots and is pretty responsive when attempting shots. 


The boots feel very lightweight on the feet and have a good general tightness around the feet without the upper part feeling flimsy.


With moulded strike zone blades on the striking zone, it helps to enhance ball spin and control, as well as powerful and precise shots. As for the forefoot, it feels super flexible yet solid enough for good grip. 


The integrated flywire cables also provide the stability for you to execute your desired moves on the pitch, while the ridges on the instep help to create spin to control the flight of the ball. 



The Nike Phantom Venom Pro was opted to adopt a flexible HyperReactive soleplate – basically all-chevron kind of studs – which provides great traction in all directions and should be suitable for tough playing conditions. 


The part of the boots where is made up by NikeSkin is the bottom half lace cover. It is basically thin mesh material which has a padded sensation to it. There is also a thinner variation of it on the underside acting as the tongue. 


As for the laces, it is quite easily slotted in and does not fall off easily despite a great amount of running and changing direction on the pitch. 


The overall width of the boots feels quite slim – which is good for people with slim fit feet but not so much for those with wider feet. 


One thing for the wearers of these boots to take note is they are a little tricky to put on. It is perhaps due to the overall construction of the boots, where there is not much stretch for both the lace cover and tongue. The trick to get around this is to loosen the straps before putting them on. 



All in all, the Nike Phantom Venom Pro is a true asset for forwards love the feeling of bulging the net – for the aggressive design on the boot allows you the capacity to strike precise shots. It is so streamlined and light on the feet to achieve maximum comfort. 


Comfort is the name of the game now and these boots are a must-have for players who are looking to excel or improve their trade! 


(Article: Junpiter Futbol/Kenneth Tan)



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