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Asia Best Omar Abdulrahman Hopes to Play In Europe

Although UAE did not progress from their group stage at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, there was one particular player who caught the world’s attention. Even Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez and Great Britain’s Ryan

Although UAE did not progress from their group stage at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, there was one particular player who caught the world’s attention. Even Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez and Great Britain’s Ryan Giggs did not hold back their admiration for the player as they swapped jerseys with him. 4 years down the road, this young player was named 2016 Asian Footballer of the Year.


Omar Abdulrahman, also popularly known as Amoory plays for Al Ain FC in the Arabian Gulf League. He received his first called up to the National Team at the age of just 19 years old and quickly established himself as a regular in The White Jersey. Junpiter Futbol caught up with the most exciting player in Asia, or probably the world at Khalifa Zayed Stadium, Al Ain for a quick chat.



JPF: Prior to you receiving 2016 Asian Footballer of the Year Award, you have already been named by FIFA as the most promising future star in Asia. Besides that, Al Ain FC’s President has also declared that you are a National Treasure of UAE. How do you feel about all these compliments?

OMAR: First of all, it’s a huge privilege and honor to receive the Asian Footballer of the Year Award. And to be recognized by FIFA as one of the best Asian footballers really motivates me a lot. Honestly, I am taking all these motivation to improve myself, to improve my capabilities in order to reach the highest level of success in the world of football. The title also drives me, like any other winner, to always keep up to the expectation of every one. On the other hand, I am thankful to my club, Al Ain FC for appreciating my effort. I feel very honored to receive such a testimonial given by our President. That simply because every one in our country tries their best to put in place the vision of our insightful leadership that regards its people as the real wealth of UAE.



JPF: What does playing football mean to you?

OMAR: To me, football is not just a game; it’s rather my life and the work I enjoy most. I would not want to exchange it with any other thing.


Junpiter Futbol x Al Ain 23



JPF: Undoubtedly, you are an extremely good player. Are you a product of Talent or Hard work?

OMAR: I believe I could achieve what I have today is all by the help from Allah Almighty. I believe in that. Secondly, it is the support of my parents. They have been very supportive in whatever I do all these while. Lastly, it’s the hard work that I have put in.



JPF: In your opinion, what is currently preventing UAE football from moving forward to match the Asia’s greats like Japan or South Korea?

OMAR: Personally, I think we need to expose ourselves to a much higher level of football in order to improve. For example, football in Japan and South Korea improved drastically when their players were given the opportunities to play abroad. Those players playing overseas will train and learn from the best from other National Teams. So hopefully, the Emirati young players will be given opportunities to play in Europe to improve themselves.



JPF: How much do you know about Southeast Asia football or Singapore football?

OMAR: I certainly follow football all over Asia. And in fact, I am very happy to see a football media like Junpiter Futbol from Southeast Asia/ Singapore here to cover UAE football. Unfortunately, I don’t have sufficient time to follow all football competitions Having said that, I do know a little about Singapore, I wish them all the best of luck in the qualifying games for AFC Asian Cup 2019. And also, I hope that football clubs from Singapore will have strong presence in the AFC Champions League in the upcoming seasons.



JPF: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

OMAR: Every footballer’s dream is to play in Europe, I am not different. My ambition is to be a professional footballer playing at one of the top European leagues. But now, I am completely committed to Al Ain FC.



JPF: How would you want people to remember you when you eventually retired?

OMAR: I believe that commitment to sportsmanship and good manners, diligence and hard work in silence to reap more achievements for the national team and the club are the most important reasons to keep a player in the memories of people after his retirement.



Omar Abdulrahman has been playing for Al Ain FC since 2008. The left-footed winger, attacking midfielder with the Afro mop is known for his fantastic passing accuracy, dribbling and excellent ball control and skill. Although UAE has not achieved much on international stage, Omar has received numerous individual awards such as AFC Champions League MVP 2016, Asian Footballer of the Year 2016 and Arab Player of the Year 2016 to prove his worth. He has also been named as one the 100 most powerful Arabs under 40 by Arabian Business too.


Thank you UAE Football Association & Al Ain FC for hosting us. Junpiter Futbol’s football trip to UAE is made possible by Café Football Singapore.


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