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Darren Anderton Explains Underperforming England

Battle Of Europe 2016 press conference with Masters Football Asia was held at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Representatives from both teams, Germany's Karl Heinz Riedle and England's Darren Anderton attended the press conference. Despite

Battle Of Europe 2016 press conference with Masters Football Asia was held at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Representatives from both teams, Germany’s Karl Heinz Riedle and England’s Darren Anderton attended the press conference. Despite the limited time both players had at the hotel, they ensured all media went off with a question or two answered.


Junpiter Futbol was among the fortunate one which we had a quick question & answer with former Tottenham Hotspur & England’s Darren Anderton.



JPF: After your retirement, we have not heard much about you. So what are you busy with lately and what’s your thought on the game against Germany?

DA: My life is still good! I am enjoying lots of golf and have plenty of media works. Currently, I am also working on something with Tottenham back home in England. Occasionally I still try to play in charity matches that usually are good fun. So when I was asked to play in this game (Masters Football), I jumped at the opportunity that it will also be a good fun. Then of course, Germany is a good opponent. Certainly both teams will go all out for a win. And hopefully the quality of the game will be very good.



JPF: During the Football Masters Press Conference, you briefly mentioned that the current England squad is unable to gel and play as a team hence the poor performance. Would you be able to elaborate on that comment of yours?

DA: Well, I just think that during my time while we were playing for England, we (players) would meet up, go out and socialize with each others even though all of us were plying our trades with different clubs. Now, it seems like it’s difficult to bring all 22 players together. And when the guys are gathered, it’s all confined within the hotel or the hotel rooms, I think that is not good enough. The players are used to playing with their mates week in week out, and to translate that into an international team it’s not easy. This is something that we have not been able to do for the past few years. That is tough but Sam Allardyce does create good team spirit so I believe this will be the one thing which he will work on.



Event: Battle Of Europe – England Masters vs Germany Masters

Date: 12 November 2016, Saturday

Time: Gates open at 5.30pm, kick-off at 7pm



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Tickets start from $19; family packages (two adults & two children below the age of 12) are available at $100 and VIP Packages at $200. Sports Hub Tix and NETS are also running promotions to win exclusive VIP experiences, and fans are advised to purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.




Former Tottenham Hotspur & England’s Darren Anderton speaking to media



World Cup winner, Karl-Heniz Riedle with Mafro Sports’ Mr. Mahmoud


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