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Football Shopping In The Land of Rising Sun

In our second part of Junpiter Futbol Japan Trip, we are going to share with you where could be good places to indulge yourself in some football shoppings in the land of the rising sun! In


In our second part of Junpiter Futbol Japan Trip, we are going to share with you where could be good places to indulge yourself in some football shoppings in the land of the rising sun!

In the past one week, we patronized a couple of great football shops in Tokyo. First, it’s Kamo Soccer Shop! Ask any Japanese football fans, everyone will know about this football paradise. This particular chain has 16 outlets operating throughout Japan and Harajuku’s is one of the largest outlets under their flagship.


Kamo (photo above: Kamo Soccer Shop website) carries all major brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Asics and etc. In terms of selection, they have basically all types of apparels you could possibly think of. And if you are an European football fans, we would highly recommend you to their Shibuya outlet where it is Asia first UEFA Champions League official store where the entire level-1 is dedicated to all UEFA Champions League teams and their merchandises!

For Japan National Team and J.League supporters, you could possibly get all the apparels and official merchandises which you want from this shop! However, what makes this shop totally stand out from the rest is the availability of football equipments such as players’ accessories and coaching equipments.

For Singapore football lovers, you will understand that the limited football shops in Singapore do not do embroidery on any other football boot other than their licensed brand. Well, Kamo not only have embroidery service for all kinds of brands, they also do sell special number stickers which costs only 210yen (SGD$3) which is meant for football boots! The texture and stickiness of the stickers feel durable and water resistant. You can paste anywhere you want on your favorite brand of football boots now! Check out photo below!



Next, the shop which we are going to recommend is Gallery.2! 8 outlets spreading across Tokyo and Kanagawa. Unlike Kamo, this is not a football specialized shop but this sports shop has a dedicated floor for all football and futsal lovers! Particularly futsal lovers, this sports shop carries popular futsal brands such as Svolme, Athleta, Penalty, Desporte and many more. 

As compared to Kamo, Gallery.2 does not carry J.League stuff other than FC Tokyo’s, most likely due to its location, Tokyo? However, they have a wider range of apparels, mainly futsal brands, which is similar or if not, more than Kamo. Be it futsal apparels, boots, training equipment or even coaching DVD, this Gallery.2 is certainly more interesting in the context of futsal.

On top of the all-time favorite football and futsal, Gallery.2 also carries apparels and equipments for basketball, baseball, volleyball, badminton,  tennis, running and even swimming! Check out the Adidas ball holder which we purchased from the shop! It’s only 250yen (SGD$3.50)!


We always patronize Kamo Soccer Shop when we are in Japan, however this trip is exceptional – we patronized and did some damages to our pockets four days in a row with one day recorded two visits to two different branches! And in fact, other than Kamo and Gallery.2, we had the opportunity to explore many more football shops in Tokyo as well as in Ueno! 

One of the biggest reasons to indulge in football shopping in Japan is simply because of their more wider selection of football apparel and equipment. Trust me, this could be the reason why you would spend hours shopping in the shop and spend hundreds over dollars to add on something to your football collection! Should you have a chance to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, and if you are a football lover, do visit these shops and you will understand why. 

Their respective shops’ website might not be English-friendly but you should be able to browse through the different columns by looking at the pictures! Happy shopping!

Click here for Kamo Soccer Shop

Click here for Gallery.2 Sports Shop

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