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Nike Tiempo ’94 & Nike Tiempo Legend V Redefine Football

On July 17, 1994, two teams took to the pitch in Pasadena, California to play for the world’s biggest prize. While all 22 players shared the same dream of winning ten wore the same boot,

On July 17, 1994, two teams took to the pitch in Pasadena, California to play for the world’s biggest prize. While all 22 players shared the same dream of winning ten wore the same boot, Nike’s first boot – the Nike Tiempo Premier.

Its black and white color palette was classically football, but the athletes who donned them were anything but. These athletes would go on to represent a new guard, imbue football with youth, speed, excitement, brilliance and forever change the face of the game. These players showed unparalleled confidence in choosing an upstart company and over the next 20 years this rebellious attitude would shape some of the best players football has ever seen, but one fact always ring true; It all began with Tiempo.

Tiempo has since become a football icon. In celebration, Nike introduces the Tiempo ‘94, a shoe for everyday style that draws from the heritage of the boot that started it all; and the Tiempo Legend V, a boot that brings new innovation to the pitch.

Outwardly familiar, both sneaker and boot reaffirm the importance of design in football lore and its potential to change how the game is played.


On the pitch, players like Ronaldinho took everything gave nothing and wore the Tiempo Premier. Embodying that spirit, the Nike Tiempo ’94 reinterprets the performance icon for everyday use. Its black stitched leather upper, contrasting white swoosh, and suede overlays take direct inspiration from the Tiempo Premier, veneering football’s new demeanor with a timeless aesthetic An oversized, removable tongue and stitched yellow heel swoosh also pay homage to Nike Football’s birth with relentless attention to detail – a powerful expression of football’s renewed attitude, with a touch of class.

Replacing the original studded outsole is a premium gum cup sole fitted with a colored Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning. Exposed flex grooves designed to maximize comfort and natural motion for the wearer were also added, innovating the traditional craft associated with Tiempo for everyday use.


Since 1994, football has changed. The game is faster, with dynamic full-field play essential for every athlete on the pitch. With this in mind, and with the input of athletes such as Carlos Tevez, Gerard Pique, and Ronaldinho, Nike Football melds the legacy of Tiempo with the needs of the modern game to create the best leather football boot-to-date.

The design of the Tiempo Legend V focuses on providing the lightest touch. Through enhanced fit and innovative materials, the Tiempo Legend V brings the upper closer to the foot and solves an age-old problem with leather – weight through water absorption. With the development of a new upper package comprised of two trimmed down layers, the Tiempo Legend V mimics the touch and lightweight feel of a synthetic and is built on the same anatomical last as the revolutionary Nike Hypervenom to bring the foot closer to the ball.

All Conditions Control (ACC) and K-leather combine to provide optimal touch in all conditions. Hypershield technology blocks moisture for a snug fit that lasts, alowing for a constant touch regardless of weather. This second layer of hydrophobic mesh ensures that the boot dries quickly and absorbs less water than previous leather boots. The result is a boot that delivers confidence under any playing environment.

Further innovation comes in the Tiempo Legend V’s engineered plate, which moves with your foot for stability, traction and comfort. Heel and forefoot studs have been widened to help provide this increased stability. Conical studs are used at the forefoot and tip, designed to promote quickness in directional rotation. Taking inspiration from Nike Free technology, the outsole plate flexes form the midfoot to offer increased movement and comfort for the duration of a match.

On the lateral side, the boot retains a classic aesthetic augmented by a stitched upper while the medial provides a pop of color. Fitting with Tiempo tradition, the Tiempo Legend V is a product of pinnacle craftsmanship employing modern technologies without sacrificing the classic look.

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