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Football Awards 2014 Given By Singapore Fans

As a true Singapore football fan, Southeast Asia most prestige football tournament, AFF Suzuki Cup did not end in a way which we desired and targeted to have. However, the year 2014 still remains as


As a true Singapore football fan, Southeast Asia most prestige football tournament, AFF Suzuki Cup did not end in a way which we desired and targeted to have. However, the year 2014 still remains as one of the most happening and vocal football years for Singapore football fans! Well, instead of waiting for official awards, if there is, to be presented, let us give out some acknowledgements, both good and ‘not so good’ awards on behalf of Singapore football fans! 

Venue of the Year

Manchester City’s £200m City Football Academy has nearly been selected for this Venue of the Year but eventually the new National Stadium remains the most talked about venue. The $1.33 billion multi-purpose arena took approximately 4 years to be completed. However, instead of welcoming compliments, criticisms were targeted at the new infrastructure, particularly at the condition of the pitch. Feedback from the teams as well as public on the sub-standard pitch first arise from Juventus-Singapore Selection match. After which, Japan-Brazil match drew more criticisms and eventually the episode developed into a nation’s talk which Singaporeans deemed as an international embarrassment. Even Brazilian legend, Zico spoke about the sandy pitch too. The continuous discussions and efforts made to have the existing natural grass converted to artificial seems to be on track. Just when Singapore football fans had enough of hearing about the pitch condition, the latest roof leaking issue at Jay Chou’s concert reminded us that the infrastructure could be rushed to complete way too early. Or was the root of the problem laying something else?

Challenge of the Year

David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Robinho, Paul Scholes, Jose Mourinho, David Moyes, Robin van Persie, Wesley Sneijder & Nigel De Jong have all done it! The throwing of bucket of ice water over yourself does look silly but this ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Challenge has spread all over the world with a phenomenon impact. And the Challenge has not just raised more than US$41 million worldwide, the Challenge saw many footballers coming forward to wet themselves! Yes, we are talking about famous footballers pouring water on themselves for a good cause! When the wave hit Singapore, various S.League clubs started their individual as well as team’s Challenge to help spread the effort. Among them, Fandi Ahmad, Aide Iskandar, Lee Kwan Woo, Miljan Mrdakovic & even S.League CEO, Lim Chin. We are just pleased that every footballer didn’t forget about the real meaning behind the pouring as they took a little time to explain on the ALS Challenge. Great job.


Match of the Year

Two matches bagged this award convincingly. First, Brazil’s humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany at Brazil 2014 World Cup. Singapore fans would have been trying to keep themselves awake after already staying up in the night for the past 3 weeks  prior to that semi-final. You know it’s not easy for us to stay up every night to catch nearly all the matches we would described as a ‘Must Watch’! And on that fateful night, I supposed all Singapore fans, regardless Brazil’s or Germany’s, had their mouths wide opened with saliva drooling by the 26th minute mark. Even before the saliva from those watching at the Stadium could wet the floor, Brazil had already declared state emergency with Brazilians’ tears flooding Maracana. Do you know that a teenager in Nepal committed suicide after learning about her favorite team’s loss?

Second match of the Year goes to Japan vs Brazil. In fact, we should all agree that the match could be the one and only time of our (those reading this article now) lifetime which we would get to see Brazil playing in Singapore. It’s true that Brazil Olympic team played at the old National Stadium but hey, we are talking about Brazil senior team! The match together with players like Neymar, Kaka, Robinho, Oscar, Honda, Okazaki and Kakitani had definitely garnered attention and convinced the world to fly in to the red dot. The number of international journalists who were presented at the training sessions as well as the match had also shown Singapore how the professional football world was like. And that not only benefits the local football fans but also very much an education session for our local football media and Football Association.

Buy of the Year

After a couple of unsuccessful bids of taking over a top European football club, Singapore billionaire, Peter Lim has finally been unveiled as the new owner of Valencia CF after nearly 10 months of negotiations. To be honest, the taking over of the La Liga’s club did not surprise Singapore football fans considering Peter Lim’s past attempt of taking over Liverpool. However, the shocking news was Peter Lim was willing to pay off a debt of €320 million which the Club owed to the bank! Think about it, would you agree that the huge amount, or perhaps partial amount of the money could ‘somehow’ benefit Singapore football in ‘somewhere’? Alright, our assumption might not be made from a most feasible business standpoint but for sure, he’s adopting the philosophy of a Casino patron’s patronizing Singapore Casino – losing 100 bucks first could probably earn you 100 times more later.

Quote of the Year

“Do not ever question the chairman on his role and responsibility”. If you ask me, there is a certain amount of truth and weight on that quote but unfortunately, probably the tone of the speaker’s given at that situation backfired. Certainly, it doesn’t help if the speaker is facing an uphill task of revitalizing a professional football league which many still talk about the success of 1994 Malaysia Cup triumph for Christ’s sake.


Player of the Year

It’s either Singapore’s evergreen striker, Aleksandar Duric or Barcelona’s flamboyant striker, Neymar – we go for Neymar. Not because Aleks is constantly embarrassing all footballers with his professional approach to his fitness, disciplined lifestyle and goal scoring record at the age of 44 years old, Neymar is the name which has caused the biggest impact in this year 2014! It was a dream for many Singapore football fans to be able to catch Neymar in person but to be able to do so here in Singapore, it was like a dream came true for many Barcelona, Brazil and Neymar’s fans. So what about Neymar this year in Singapore? The skinny but fanciful player scored all the 4 goals in that 4-0 victory against the Japanese, raising his international goal tally to 40 goals in just 58 matches for Brazil (against Japan). It was an extremely well-scripted storyline which thrilled and touched every single football fan in Singapore. For the record, we are talking about a player who is just 22 years old.

Goal of the Year

Talk about Goal of the Year, Singapore football fans must be very proud. For once, the desire to show off a mentality of “how-come-everything-also-number-1-except-football” or desire which Singapore football fans have been hiding for a long time. All thanks to Geylang International’s Fabian Kwok’s first-time volley from 50 yards off an opponent’s goal-kick! That goal really put Singapore football on the international map for once and for a good reason. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t mention anything about Wilson Raj Perumal. 6 months down the road, Fabian’s stunning goal’s video is still actively in circulation online. To watch the thunderbolt again, click here.

Event of the Year

Great Eastern Yeo’s S.League Awards Night………………….

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